Vx, the new home of Secret Society of Vegans

Firstly, let me start by apologising for my lack of posts over the past couple of days. But I do have good reason! I started on Monday morning a venture that will hopefully make my life a whole heap better: enabling me to grab hold of my own future and to further my skills. I have, in short become an apprentice chef! (In vegetarian, mostly vegan, kitchen of course) More news on this shall come in good time.

So yeah… sorry.

Anyway, onto the pressing matter to which the intriguing title of this post alludes.

That of the Verily Voluptuously Vegan Vx.

I could go for pages about how fantastic it is to have a wholly vegan shop in Central London, one which is positively overflowing with otherwordly deliciousness and coolmaking attire, but I cannot. I fear being damned for nepotism (I know Rudy, ssov’s chief leader) and cast out of blogland.

Instead, I shall merely outline what Vx is all about:

  • ssov-branded merchandise;

  • Fresh baked goods from London-based vegan companies (including gluten-free options), as well as hot and cold drinks to enjoy them with in the downstairs lounge area;

  • Packaged vegan (and kosher) candy, crisps and cookies (including vegan oreo-style ones!).
  • Sandwiches, salads, truffles and yoghurts;

  • Vegan canned dog food, dog biscuits and dog chews;

  • Central London location (5 minutes walk from Kings Cross).

Any questions? Just drop a line to the man himself on twitter: CLICKY!

EDIT: All photos courtesy and copyright of Rudy Penando

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