The Shop on the Hill

Bored, all DVDed out and in need of pizza ingredients, this evening I had a look on the web for anything that would avoid my venturing into Central London (my nearest two Holland & Barrett had closed at 6pm). Fate smiled sweetly upon me when I stumbled upon the wonderful Brockley Central blog, an online news, views and reviews about (you guessed it) Brockley, SE4 and its environs. This particular entry was regarding a quaint-sounding store called “The shop on the hill”, which was open until 8pm, and was seemingly very vegan-friendly.

As it was a pleasant evening (and by ‘pleasant’ I mean the weather had decided to stop drowning worms, instead opting for a light drizzle), I decided to take my chances with an easy Google Map-routed 30-minute walk.

Took me fifteen.

So, shins burning and hooded top soaked, I wandered into the empty shop. First impressions: Bulk rice and muesli! A rarity round these parts, so that’s a plus already. Following this, my eyes caught the fridge with the vegan (a selection of raw, sugar free and regular plain) chocolates. This might well be my kind of place. In the next fridge there were fresh salad vegetables, vegan (and vegetarian) cheeses and faux meat products (Redwoods). A shelving unit across held Ecover (PAH!) and Bio D (YAY!) cleaning products, including (another rarity round here) refill stations!

One main thing I noticed about this section of the store was that, with the exception of the Taifun tofu-weiners, the prices were either the same as the larger chains of health food stores or a smidge cheaper. Which is highly unusual for an out-of-the-way, small, independent store.

In addition to all of this, there were the usual organic vegetables (with the option of ordering a bespoke organic veg box), nut butters, free-from loaves etc.

The delightful, enthusiastic shop assistant with whom I spoke (not the owner, incidentally) seemed very knowledgeable and excited about the range of vegan products available and wound things up by convincing me to take one of the locally-made Coxeter’s Fayre‘s raw truffles for the road. Which I nearly walked out with without paying… Anyway, the chocolate (80p for a just-less-than-ping-pong-ball-sized truffle) was delicious, its nutty raw cacao and dried fruit centre reminding me of a Picnic bar from my pre-vegan days.

Whilst it may not stock close to as much as Holland & Barrett (and definitely not Whole Foods), Brockleyites are lucky to have this little gem on their doorstep.

p.s. For the late-night Brockley vegan, the Costcutter around the corner (open well after ‘The shop…’ has closed) stocks a few Redwood chilled ‘meats’, some Fry’s and other frozen ‘meats’ and ready meals, about 8 different non-dairy milks and a couple of vegan and organic Vintage Roots wines.

You lucky devils.

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    Steffi said,

    not my neck of the woods, but good to see that there are actually shops like this in SE
    🙂 I hope you manage to keep on blogging (unlike me with my bi-yearly posts…)!

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