A Quick Introduction

Hello everyone! This here is just a quick introductory post as to who I am:

  • Bryan, 23-years-old and happily married to a wonderful nurse;
  • Vegan, have been for five years, and will be for the rest of my life;
  • I live in New Cross/Deptford, but I’m not from ’round these parts.

And what the focus of this blog will be:

  • succinct, helpful reviews on vegan products, cafes and services in Deptford SE8/New Cross SE14 and the surrounding areas of South East London.
  • developments in the vegan world in the wider London area and wherever else in the UK I visit (mostly Manchester and Edinburgh). Also the rest of the world, should I venture outside these borders.
  • however, this blog shan’t be solely vegan. I’ll be looking at interesting developments in the local area and other parts of London, should I stumble upon things that I find blog-worthy.



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  1. 1

    Steven said,

    Afternoon, and welcome to blogland.

    I look forward to seeing some posts. It’s been a few years (7?) since I was last in your neck of the woods, so I can’t be of much help i’m affraid.

  2. 2

    Bryan said,

    Many thanks, Steven.

    I have high hopes for this blog, mainly because of how un-vegan I perceived this area to be when I moved here. Hopefully I’ll be able to help others find vegan stuff in the locality whilst also having a place to have my opinion bandied around about the above topics.

  3. 3

    Zoe said,

    Bryan even though i am not a vegan i actually found myself wanting to visit this store!
    I look forward to seeing more of your blogs in the future

  4. 4

    Pen said,

    Hiya Bryan,

    I was in Shop on the Hill today and they mentioned your blog.

    I’m in Lewisham and…er…I’ve been vegan longer than you’ve been alive (ouch!) so I look forward to future posts about all the goodly veganess you encounter in SE London. Please discover some apple turnovers somewhere. Fast!

    I’ve added you to my RSS feed.



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